Durable Double-Hung Windows for Homeowners in Fort Myers & Throughout Southwest Florida

Traditional double-hung windows are a popular option among homeowners throughout most of the country. But, if you live in Fort Myers or a nearby area in Southwest Florida, then traditional double-hung windows are likely not an option. You need windows that will stand strong in the face of hurricanes and tropical storms that are all too common in the area. Fortunately, you can turn to Storm Shield for hurricane-rated double-hung windows that are designed to enhance your home’s appearance while providing much-needed protection from inclement weather.

Why Choose Our Double-Hung Windows for Your Home?

Double-hung windows offer a classic and timeless appearance, making them optimal for just about any home. They easily fit any room, even those with limited space. And, the simplicity of these windows makes them an economical option that’s also highly versatile and highly secure. 

With two sashes that can be moved either up or down to open and close, double-hung windows provide a full range of operability. Opening each sash allows cool air to enter through the bottom of the window and hot air to escape from the top. This creates the ideal cross breeze from one single window. 

At Storm Shield, we offer hurricane-rated double-hung windows that offer the added advantage of defending your home when harsh weather strikes. You can have year-round peace of mind knowing that your hurricane replacement windows offer enhanced security and protection for your home and everything inside. And, with Storm Shield’s life-of-the-home warranty, you’ll never have to worry about investing in new windows for as long as you own your home.

Expert Installation of Your Double-Hung Windows

In addition to providing exceptional double-hung windows for your home, Storm Shield is also your source for superior installation services. You can rely on our in-house team of expertly trained and experienced technicians to ensure your windows are properly fitted and perfectly installed for long-lasting durability and performance.

If you’d like to learn more about the hurricane-rated double-hung windows that we offer and install, then contact Storm Shield today. We proudly serve homeowners in Fort Myers and throughout Southwest Florida.

View or download our Double Hung Window Miami-Dade County Approval

“They were very professional, friendly staff, quality product. Timing was exquisite! From sales pitch, to measuring, to installation all in under 60 days!! We would recommend Storm Shield for impact windows!! Now we’ll be ready to let them finish with our slider doors. 11 windows we had done, in two days!!”

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“Tom, Storm Shield company rep, did a great job explaining the advantages of his product. He even called the company owner, Keith, to help make sure our project would be completed given our unique time restraints. I was very impressed ... And our new sliding glass door windows look GREAT!”

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