How to Know When to Replace Your House Windows

When to Replace House Windows

Most homeowners have heard about the increased energy efficiency and other benefits of replacing their home windows. But having replacement windows installed is a big job and most homeowners don’t want to undertake the task if they don’t need to. That’s why it’s important to know when to replace the windows on your house.

Signs Homeowners Should Know

There are many indicators that your house windows should be replaced, but below are some of the more common red flags.  If you notice any of these, you should contact a local window and door company for an inspection and consultation.


If you can feel airflow coming from any of your windows, you should consider a replacement. Drafts make your HVAC system work harder and can be a huge energy drain, especially in the winter and summer months.

Condensation and Moisture

Another common sign of damaged windows is condensation on the panes and moisture between panes of multi-paned glass. Moisture is almost always a sign of thermal performance issues and indicates wasted heating and cooling.

Increased Energy Bills

If your energy bills have suddenly increased, it might be thanks to newly developed drafts. Windows act as an important thermal barrier, so sudden changes in energy bills are often tied to them.

Damaged Frames

Visible damage to window frames is a good sign that they should be replaced. Wood windows can visibly rot or decay, which compromises the frame’s integrity. Other things to watch for include swelling, cracking, and warping.

Additional Reasons to Replace Your House Windows

Besides damage and problems associated with age, there are other reasons homeowners should consider replacing their windows. Some things to consider include:

Difficult Operation

Opening and closing windows shouldn’t take much effort. If you struggle to operate your windows, replacing them can make it easier to enjoy breezes, as well as safer for exiting your home in case of fire or another emergency.

Outdated Windows

If any of the windows on your home have single-paned glass, you should consider replacement. The increased energy efficiency of multi-paned windows can translate into significant reductions in your monthly energy bills.

Increased Curb Appeal

Wanting to upgrade your home’s exterior is a great reason to get replacement windows. Choosing custom windows will give you the opportunity to design windows that perfectly complement your home.

Hurricane Windows Offer Everything Homeowners Want in Windows

Storm Shield is a window and door company that’s dedicated to protecting Southwest Florida homeowners with hurricane impact-rated products. Our replacement windows have withstood rigorous testing to become Miami-Dade County-certified for impact resistance. That means they’ve been tested to handle impacts up to 180 mph and remain functional, giving homeowners in hurricane-affected regions great peace of mind.

Besides the increased protection against extreme weather, hurricane windows offer plenty of other benefits to homeowners, like:

Energy Efficiency

The reinforced, multi-pane glazing of our hurricane windows also makes them extremely energy efficient and ENERGY STAR® certified.

Better Security

The same glass that makes our hurricane windows energy efficient and impact resistant also makes them much more difficult than other windows for would-be burglars to breach.

Strong Frames

Like the glass in our hurricane windows, the extra-strong frames are sturdier than other replacement windows and won’t warp or twist as readily.

Replacement Window Installation in Southwest Florida

If you’ve noticed any of the signs that your windows need to be replaced, you should contact Storm Shield. You can schedule a no-obligation consultation at your Southwest Florida home to discuss your current windows’ effectiveness with a window expert.