• Hire a company that SPECIALIZES in windows & doors, and ONLY windows & doors!   Companies that only sell and install windows & doors, tend to provide a higher quality experience since they don’t have to focus on other products and services.  This allows 100% of the focus and expertise to be on your window & door project.
  • Make certain that the company you choose has all the proper licenses, proper insurance & a stable place of business that you can verify.  You can save a lot of money by doing business with someone out of the back of their truck, until you pay your deposit and that truck vanishes forever…
  • Look for factory trained installers that are actual employees of the company you choose.  A factory trained installer is one who has been trained properly to install a certain manufacturer’s window and doesn’t work for a bunch of random companies doing piece work and installing many different manufacturer’s products.  Each manufacturer’s windows & doors require different installation requirements.   Improper installation will almost ALWAYS void your manufacturer’s warranty and leave you with unnecessary headaches…
  • Get a copy of the products warranty and read it thoroughly BEFORE making a purchase.  A “Lifetime” warranty in the state of Florida in only valid for (4) years, and unless you plan on only living (4) years, this is unacceptable.  ALWAYS CAREFULLY read the “Exclusions” in the warranty, if there are more than a few, avoid this type of product!  If the sales rep doesn’t provide you with a copy of the warranty steer clear as well, a good warranty will have nothing to hide.
  • NEVER EVER EVER sign with a company without seeing the product!!!  That’s like buying a car without knowing what kind it is, or purchasing a house without ever seeing it.  A company with a high quality product will ALWAYS bring a sample window with them to show you.  If they don’t, ask yourself, “what are they hiding?”
  • NEVER have windows & doors installed without a proper building permit!  Make sure that the company you choose is a licensed Certified General Contractor, with a CGC# verifiable with the State of Florida, and that they are pulling a permit for your job.  This ensures that the work will be done properly meeting all local and state building codes, and inspected by a state certified building inspector.
  • BEWARE of hidden costs!!  Many companies will provide you with a very attractive estimate on replacing your windows & doors to get you to sign with them, but you may soon find out that you will pay EXTRA for permits, installation, taxes, hauling away the old windows & doors, and job clean up fees.  Don’t allow a company to “misrepresent” the cost of your project.  Get it in writing on the estimate or agreement that “EVERYTHING” is included in this price.  If the estimate or agreement doesn’t CLEARLY state what is included, then it’s NOT included and you can expect expensive hidden costs!

Storm Shield LLC. Would like you to make an informed decision when replacing your old windows & doors!  Following these guidelines will help to protect you, and your investment!

“They were very professional, friendly staff, quality product. Timing was exquisite! From sales pitch, to measuring, to installation all in under 60 days!! We would recommend Storm Shield for impact windows!! Now we’ll be ready to let them finish with our slider doors. 11 windows we had done, in two days!!”

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“Tom, Storm Shield company rep, did a great job explaining the advantages of his product. He even called the company owner, Keith, to help make sure our project would be completed given our unique time restraints. I was very impressed ... And our new sliding glass door windows look GREAT!”

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