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Exterior view of single-hung window with flowers under the bottom sashThe single-hung windows we install at Storm Shield are second-to-none, as they check all the boxes when it comes to visual appeal, energy efficiency, and—above all else—hurricane protection. As a homeowner in Englewood, Florida, those are the three big keys you need to be considering for your replacement windows, and at Strom Shield, we can deliver on all of them. Not to mention, our installation experts will provide unmatched workmanship and customer care for the project at your home. Working with us is a no-brainer, and we hope you’ll soon find that out for yourself.

What Makes Our Single-Hung Windows Such a Worthwhile Investment?

When you need new windows for your home, the last thing you want to do is invest in low-quality options that are going to have you turning right around for more replacements in a couple of years. Instead, you should be searching for high-caliber windows. The single-hung windows we offer at Storm Shield are a great example, as they provide:

Top-Notch Energy Efficiency

As a homeowner in Florida, you know how hot our summers can get. Year after year, they’re nearly unbearable. So, it’s important that you don’t let that heat make its way into your home and cause extreme discomfort. Our windows can help, as they are built with dual-glazed insulated miracle glass, argon gas fills, and stainless-steel spacers to help limit heat transfer, and ensure your HVAC system can keep the interior of your home comfortable without being overworked.

Unmatched Hurricane Protection

As much of a threat as the heat is to your home’s comfort, hurricane season is an even bigger threat to your home’s structural integrity. However, with single-hung windows from Storm Shield, you can have enhanced peace of mind given that we specialize in hurricane windows. Those that we install meet Miami-Dade County’s strict standards for wind resistance, plus they can hold strong against heavy impact.

Eye-Catching Visual Appeal

Single-hung windows have long been a popular choice among homeowners thanks to the classic beauty they possess. With their single fixed sash and one moveable sash, they have a certain timeless look about them that makes them suitable for homes of all styles, whether modern or traditional.

To learn more about our stellar single-hung windows and why you should invest in them for your Englewood, FL, home, contact Storm Shield today.

“They were very professional, friendly staff, quality product. Timing was exquisite! From sales pitch, to measuring, to installation all in under 60 days!! We would recommend Storm Shield for impact windows!! Now we’ll be ready to let them finish with our slider doors. 11 windows we had done, in two days!!”

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“Amazing salesman and very professional installers. We are so happy with the windows! Only 60 days from date of contract to install. They beat their guaranteed of 90-120 days. Hurricane season, we are ready for you!!”

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