How to Choose a Window Replacement Company

How to Choose a Window Replacement CompanyReplacing the windows of your home is one of the biggest home improvement projects that you, as a homeowner, can undertake. Not only is the project time-consuming, but it’s also a significant investment. And, given how important windows are for protecting your home from the elements, it’s crucial for homeowners to choose a window replacement company they can count on.

Windows That Are Right for Your Home

When it comes to picking a replacement window company, the first thing to compare is the selection of windows. Because every home and family are different, it’s important to find a window company that can meet your specific needs. At the very least, most homeowners are looking for windows that are attractive, durable, and energy efficient. To that end, reputable window replacement companies will be able to help you identify the right windows for your home and then have them custom manufactured to your specifications.

Severe Weather Protection

For homeowners in many parts of the country, like the west coast of Florida, there are other things to consider when it comes to replacement windows, like protection from severe weather. After all, standard windows aren’t designed to stand up to high-speed impacts or the other effects of hurricanes and intense tropical weather. If you need windows that can protect your home during severe weather, it’s important to choose a company that has plenty of experience with impact windows.

Expert Installation

As important as the windows you choose are, the team that installs them might be even more important. And, considering that replacement window projects are often a significant investment, it’s crucial that homeowners choose a team they can trust at every step of the way. Some of the things you should expect from your window replacement company include:


It’s reasonable to expect every person you interact with at the company to be professional. You want to know you’re in good hands if you ever have a question, concern, or issue you need to raise with the team.


It’s always helpful to have experienced people on your side, whether that’s an installer putting in a window or a product manager tracking your window’s manufacturing status. When it comes to specialty products, like hurricane windows, extra experience can be invaluable for protecting your home.


Replacement windows are both an interior and exterior home improvement job, so make sure the company you choose has employees that can make the finished product look fantastic. Any reputable replacement window company will be happy to furnish you with examples of their previous work. Homeowners with specialty finishes, like stucco, should also check that the company they hire can return their exterior to its original condition before installation.

The Company to Turn to for Hurricane-Rated Windows

Storm Shield is a replacement window and door company that serves much of the west coast of Florida. We specialize in products that meet stringent regulations for hurricane-impact ratings, helping to protect homes in the area from severe weather and hurricanes.

Because our focus is on protecting homes with hurricane windows, we have more experience than other window companies in ensuring that homes are equipped to face harsh storms. To find out more about any of our products or to schedule a consultation at your home, contact Storm Shield today.