Vinyl Windows vs. Wood Windows

Corner of white house with new windows and Storm Shield logo top rightWith many options available on the market these days, choosing new house windows can be a chore. Going with the cheapest option often means sacrificing some durability, but the cost of picking something that will last may be prohibitive. If it comes down to saving some money on replacement windows, vinyl windows are a great value. Some homeowners still prefer wood windows because of the rustic beauty they can add to a home, but vinyl windows have many advantages over wood. Plus, they are an affordable choice for homeowners who are on a budget but care about the appearance and functionality of their windows. The value vinyl windows provide homeowners has made them the No. 1 selling window type. Personal preference aside, though, there are a few factors that should be considered before you make the final decision.


Windows are among the exterior features of your home that are regularly exposed to harsh weather conditions, so durability is an important factor to consider when investing in replacement windows. Wood is a biodegradable material prone to warping and rotting over time, especially in humid climates like Florida’s. Vinyl windows, on the other hand, are resistant to humidity and will maintain their form and function for many years without deteriorating. Additionally, wood frames can be damaged by airborne debris, while vinyl windows are generally better at withstanding impacts.


Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free, requiring no more than an occasional cleaning to remove dirt and other debris from the surface. Color is usually added to the vinyl during manufacturing so that it won’t require repainting and the surface will not lose its beauty over time. Wood windows are painted when they’re installed, but the surface will naturally chip, peel, and fade after years of weather exposure. This means you can expect to repaint them every so often in addition to cleaning them occasionally.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that inefficient windows can increase your energy bills? For modern homeowners, energy efficiency is a huge factor when deciding on a type of replacement window. While most windows these days are designed with features to make them more energy-efficient, the frame material will factor in. Wood is energy efficient when compared to metal, as it inhibits the transfer of heat and cold. However, vinyl is another material that can reduce heat transfer, and thus keep your indoor areas at a consistent temperature with less need for climate control. Additionally, modern vinyl windows usually feature double- or even triple-pane glass and gas fillers to provide optimal insulation and further prevent heating and cooling efforts from quite literally “going out the window.”

Choose Value; Choose Storm Shield

If you’re thinking of getting vinyl replacement windows installed in your Florida home, you can rely on your locally owned window company, Storm Shield. We specialize in hurricane windows composed of energy-efficient, impact-resistant glass and built to withstand high winds and windborne debris during hurricane season. When you partner with us for your replacement windows, you’ll be getting top-of-the-line products paired with first-class installation service for a final product that is energy efficient and low maintenance, and that adds invaluable protection from Florida storms. Get in touch today to hear about your options!