Signs You Need to Replace Your Exterior Doors

Double front entry doors with attractive glass patternsHave you been considering replacing the exterior doors on your home, only to wonder if it’s actually a necessity at this point in time? Perhaps you’re just not sure if it’s worth the investment unless you’re in dire need of new doors. Well, there truly is never a bad time for such a project when you’re partnering with Storm Shield. Not to mention, there are plenty of signs you should be aware of that indicate that, yes, it is indeed time for you to replace your doors. What are those signs? Let us break them down for you:

Dwindling Beauty

Given the importance of maintaining a home with spectacular visual appeal, perhaps the most obvious sign that it’s time for new exterior doors is a change in the way you feel about the appearance of your current doors. Whether it’s a situation where your doors are warped, faded, or simply not up to your standards for beauty, it’ll become clear that it’s time for a change. Think about it: If you don’t like what you see when you walk up to your home after a long day of work, you shouldn’t have to just put up with it. Instead, find replacement doors that complement your home’s aesthetic and offer far more in the way of beauty.

Declining Energy Efficiency

Have your monthly heating and cooling costs suddenly increased in recent months? Are you noticing a draft whenever you walk by your doors? If you answered yes to either of those questions, it’s likely because your doors are no longer as energy efficient as they once were. And given the importance of limiting heat transfer into and out of your home, you shouldn’t tolerate poor-performing doors, especially with all of the exciting energy efficiency features there are in today’s doors.

Storm Damage

As a homeowner in Florida, you’re obviously well aware of the intense storms that come with our hurricane seasons. Perhaps you know all too well what kind of damage these storms can do. If your doors have been affected by heavy impact or strong winds and they’re showing visible signs of damage, that’s another good indicator that it’s time to invest in replacements. And when you choose the right doors, you can even receive added peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to worry about hurricane damage quite as much anymore.

The Company to Call When the Time Has Come for New Exterior Doors

When the signs are clearly presenting themselves and it’s time for you to invest in new exterior doors for your home, Storm Shield is undoubtedly the best team to partner with. We specialize in hurricane windows and doors, so you can be sure that no matter which of our door options you select, you’ll be getting a product that is guaranteed to protect your home against the worst that Mother Nature has to offer. In our selection, you’ll find fiberglass entry doors, as well as both aluminum and vinyl patio doors. No matter your needs, we’ll be there to meet them. And you can count on a flawless installation experience, as we never use subcontractors. You’ll only deal with our in-house team of seasoned installers, who are all trained to uphold the highest standards.

Get More Information About Replacing Your Exterior Doors

To learn more about the signs that indicate it’s time to replace your exterior doors or to find out more about the exciting selection of doors we have at Storm Shield, get in touch with us today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the southwest coast of Florida.