How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane SeasonSunny Florida is a wonderful place to be. The sun, the beaches, and the diverse culture are just a few reasons why so many folks end up making the move down here at some point in their lifetimes. There’s plenty to love, but of course, there are certain drawbacks to be aware of as well. Chief among the downsides to living in Florida is dealing with intense hurricane seasons. But severe storms don’t have to be as impactful for you and your family when your home is properly prepared.

What does it mean to have a home that is prepared for hurricane season? While ensuring that you have nonperishable food items and plenty of water inside your home after boarding up your windows is a tried-and-true process, the preparation can begin much earlier. How? By investing in hurricane windows and impact-rated doors. Being sure that your home will stand strong against Mother Nature’s worst is much easier when you know what you’re looking for.

Qualities to Look for in Your Home’s Windows & Doors

Consider the state of your home’s windows and doors. Are they durable enough to handle high wind speeds and the heavy impacts that come with windblown debris and heavy rain? Chances are that if they’re aging and haven’t been replaced in many years, the answer is no. So, in your search for new windows and doors, what you should be looking for?

To start with, hurricane windows are a must. These windows have been designed and tested with high wind speeds and heavy impacts in mind, and in many cases, their hurricane protection qualifications will be heavily advertised. Two or three panes of impact-resistant glass, multiple layers of weatherstripping, and strong frames are the key features to be aware of.

Impact-rated doors, much like hurricane windows, are doors that have been tested against heavy winds and major impact. Whether you’re looking for new entry doors or patio doors, finding options with strong hurricane ratings is a necessity.

The Team to Call When You Need Hurricane Windows & Impact-Rated Doors

For homeowners in Southwest Florida, there’s no better contractor to partner with for hurricane preparation than Storm Shield. We are known for the phenomenal hurricane windows and impact-rated doors we install, as countless homeowners have turned to us over the years. They’ve all come away with much-needed peace of mind when it comes to their home’s ability to hold strong against heavy storms.  Our windows are available in all of the most popular styles, ensuring that you’ll find the right look for your home, plus they’re exceptionally energy efficient thanks to their dual-glazed insulated miracle glass, stainless steel spacers, and argon gas fills. Our doors offer much of the same benefits, and we offer both fiberglass entry doors and aluminum and vinyl patio doors.

When you work with Storm Shield to add new windows and doors to your home, you can count on flawless workmanship from a team of trusted professionals. We never use subcontractors so that we can be sure that our high standards are being upheld with every project.

Start Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season Today!

To find out more about properly equipping your home for hurricane season and to learn about the outstanding hurricane windows and impact-rated doors we install for homeowners throughout Southwest Florida, get in touch with Storm Shield today. We look forward to bringing you the peace of mind that will carry you through the next hurricane season and many more to come!