What is the Difference Between Impact Windows & Hurricane Windows?

Difference Between Impact & Hurricane Windows If you’ve ever shopped for replacement windows—and especially if you’ve done so as a homeowner on the coast of Florida—there’s no doubt that you’ve heard about impact windows and hurricane windows. These ultra-durable products are perfect for Florida homeowners given the level of protection they provide in the face of severe storms and hurricanes that are common in this region. However, as you’ve done your research, it’s possible that you’ve seen the terms “impact windows” and “hurricane windows” used interchangeably. But the truth is, they aren’t quite the same. Though both have similar purposes and benefits, there are actually some key differences between them that are important to know before you make an investment in either for your home.

What Are Impact Windows & How Do They Protect Your Home?

Impact windows are designed to protect against, well, impact. Crafted with shatter-resistant glass, these windows won’t completely break when struck by flying debris from a storm. They may crack, but you won’t have to worry about any large holes or shards of flying glass. These types of windows are typically what you’ll find on cars, and while they can do the job in the face of a severe storm, they can’t be expected to provide the same level of protection that hurricane windows give.

What Are Hurricane Windows & How Do They Protect Your Home?

Unlike impact windows, hurricane windows are made with multiple layers. Some of those layers are glass, while others are a type of durable plastic. The plastic layers work like glue and hold the glass together. In the event of a severe storm that brings intense wind speeds or heavy impacts, these windows won’t shatter. The outer layer of glass may crack, but the window itself will be intact. Hurricane windows are tested against high wind speeds and impact, so you’ll be able to check into any of the options you’ll find on the market to see what kind of ratings they have.

Invest in First-Class Hurricane Windows for Your Home on the Florida Coast

If you’re local to Fort Myers or another city along the Florida coast, there’s no doubt that investing in hurricane windows for your home is a must. In the event of a severe hurricane or even an intense summer storm, don’t you want to have the peace of mind that your home’s windows will be strong enough to withstand any potential damage? Of course! After all, there are plenty of other things to be worrying about during hurricane season—don’t let your windows be a concern.

When you’re looking to have top-tier hurricane windows installed at your home on the coast of Florida, there’s no better company to partner with than Storm Shield. Our windows are thoroughly tested and have even received approval from Miami-Dade County, which means they can be trusted to hold strong against winds of up to 180 mph. Knowing that should alleviate at least some of the stress that comes along with storm season, plus these windows that we install have even more to offer. When you turn to us, you can find a wide array of beautiful styles and options to choose from, plus you can rely on an improved level of energy efficiency.

To learn more about the difference between impact windows and hurricane windows or to find out about the options we have to offer for your home on the Florida coast, contact Storm Shield today.