Storm Shield LLC: The Gulf Coast’s Source for Impact Windows in South Florida

Storm Shield LLC: Southwest Florida’s Leader in Impact Resistant and Energy Efficient Storm-Shield-SGD-Bronze

Welcome to Storm Shield LLC., your place for quality Window and Door replacement.  At Storm Shield we focus on bringing you the best product with the best warranty in the business at the very best price, while understanding that making your shopping experience enjoyable is our number one goal.

In partnership with Regency Plus Inc. we are able to offer the most efficient window on the market. We back this by giving you our inclusive LIFE OF THE HOME WARRANTY on the product as well as the installation.  Every window is made of maintenance free virgin vinyl, handcrafted from the finest components, and completed with our energy saving MIRACLE GLASS.


Miracle Glass™ for super energy efficiency and safety Hurricane Glass™ for the coastal areas requiring the effortless storm protection and readiness of Impact Glass.

Our installers are factory trained, thus providing them with the necessary technical knowledge to install and service your new windows and doors with the highest level of quality.


Being an Energy Star Certified product, our windows complies not only the industry’s standards but also with todays’ demand of making a world a greener place. Our energy efficiency windows will allow you to save an average of 40% on your electricity bill. This will allow the windows to literally pay for themselves over time.

Florida and Miami-Dade Approved.

Every project is done fully permitted and inspected, with testing done at and above 180 MPH to meet Miami-DADE approvals. Our windows are rather tested at wind speeds over 200 MPH to protect you and your home from any category 5 hurricane Mother Nature can produce. Our impact resistant glass is second to none. No more sitting in the dark when the shutters are on, you and your family can be confident and worry-free, therefore concentrating on other important tasks. No need to worry about installing old and dusty panels when a storm approaches.

Security and Home Insurance

Our Windows are not only virtually unbreakable, but they also help prevent break ins. Insurance companies will give you two discounts on your Home insurance’s premium. First: a wind mitigation inspection which we will provide for free, and second: the product being considered an invisible burglar bar security system.

At Storm Shield we understand replacing your old windows and protecting your home is a priority, and we understand you’ve heard awful stories about the industry, but we are here to change that. We are here to give you a hassle-free window shopping experience with the utmost professionalism. We are not just a typical window replacement company, we have been in business over many years, we are THE LEADERS in Window Replacement serving Southwest Florida and “We just keep getting better”.


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Hurricane Stats

Chance of Florida homeowners suffering hurricane damage.


People that will chance it and stay when asked to evacuate


Homeowners in Florida without Hurricane protection


Homeowners who wished they had hurricane windows after hurricane.